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Erik, Cody, and Max sat in Erik’s room, playing the latest
version of Halo. Erik’s room was on a walkway above the living
room, about four feet across the thin walkway away from his nine year
old sister, Nikki’s room. Erik’s father was downstairs,
his mother out buying groceries, or something. Nikki was doing
something, although Erik honestly didn’t care as long as it
wasn’t bugging him. Of course, as if on cue, she walked in, and
began bugging him.

“Erik, I’m bored! Come play with me!” She said in a
tone that Erik identified only as annoying. Nikki was a nice nine
year old, but younger sisters almost always appear as annoying to
their older brothers, it was practically a universal rule.

Erik sighed, pausing the game in front of him, and turning. “Nikki,
I have friends over. I cannot play with you right now, so get out of
my room. You aren’t allowed in here, remember?” He said
in as calm a voice as possible. Erik was a 5’ 10” tall,
seventeen year old boy, who was slightly overweight, but didn’t
really care. Today, he wore a yellow hoodie with a sign of the local
college on it. Below that, he wore gray sweatpants. He looked a bit
of a mess, honestly, with his blond hair greasy and unwashed.  

“Your friends can play without you, right?” Nikki said,
smiling widely. Cody laughed at this. Cody was a 6’5”
eighteen year old, who played basketball regularly. He was the
perfect, rather muscular build for basketball, and was generally a
great player. He wore a t shirt with the same logo as Erik’s,
although his shirt was red, the other color of the college the trio
planned on attending. He wore black basketball shorts, and on his
feet sat two basketball shoes, rather huge. He looked shockingly
clean for the group, with his dark brown hair clean, and a nice

“Sorry, we need your brother for now. Maybe you can take him
after we leave?” Max added in, smiling, his comment making Erik
a bit upset. Max was another eighteen year old, slightly shorter than
Erik at 5’9”. He had long, reddish brown hair, which was
currently in a ponytail behind his head. He was the only one not
sporting apparel for the local college, instead wearing a simple
green shirt, and blue jeans. He looked nothing if not average.

“Fine then.” Nikki said, her voice sounding sad, and
mischievous. She obviously was planning to do something, but Erik and
his pair of friends were too absorbed in their new game to pay enough
attention to notice. She left the room, and footsteps thumped rapidly
down the stairs, before ending moments later.

About a minute later, Erik’s father walked in, his sister in
tow. “Now now boys, Nikki here tells me you all refuse to play
with her. Is that right?” He asked, in a commanding tone.
Erik’s father was one of the most intimidating men in the city,
standing about six two, with large muscles, although this was one of
the least intimidating things about him. What was really scary was
how he spoke, in a tone that commanded attention, and the way he
carried himself, but such a clear confidence.

“We were playing.” Erik said, as if that would explain
everything. His dad’s expression explained that that was simply
not true. It showed subtle anger, and on his face, that subtle anger
was as scary as someone would expect a well made horror movie to be.
If they were characters in said horror movie, at least.

“Well then, if your game there is more important to you than
family, I could take it away. However, I have a better idea. I don’t
usually use this, but I have been able to for years...” A
smile, and almost evil smile, appeared on the man’s face. “You
see, I have a unique power that is nothing other than magic itself. I
can alter reality as I see fit, and I have the feeling you need to
learn the lesson that some things are more important than a game.”
He said, his tone more serious than anything the boys had heard,
leaving no doubt to the authenticity of his statement.

“Now Nikki,” He said, his voice now soft, tender, the
opposite of what it had been when directed toward the boys. “You
have those three pictures for me?” He asked, as Nikki handed
him a trio of pictures, printed from a computer.

“Now boys, these are three characters from Nikki’s
favorite show, and using my gift, I am going to make you three carbon
copies. Their own mothers couldn’t tell the difference. Maybe I
will change you back, if you cooperate nicely. If not, these three
could be self portraits of you forever.” He said, flipping the
pictures around, his hand holding the picture of Tori, Cat, and Jade
from “Victorious.”

“But these are girls...” Max said, a sense of horror
growing over him. Erik’s dad simply smiled, as did Nikki.

“A good lesson, don’t you think?” He said, smiling.
“Since you are so vocal about it, you can go first.” The
sense of horror Max was feeling intensified as an odd sensation went
over him. “There we go, now we can begin.

What the hell? Is the room growing? Oh God! I’m shrinking!
Max thought, as he lost three inches, the first change of what
Max dreaded would be many to come, especially after this display of
power. He next felt his hair fly from his ponytail, falling around
his face. He grabbed it, holding it in front of his face as it
elongated down, almost to the bottom of his ribs. Then, the color
changed, from the slightly red color, to a dark brown.

The new hair was undeniably feminine, and Erik’s father began
talking again, but Max hardly heard him. “You know, I am making
these as painless as possible, so you shouldn’t feel a thing,
but I am sure you want to watch yourself change.” He said, as
he pulled a large wall mirror off the nails it hung from the wall on,
and leaned it against the wall, so that Max could see his reflection
in the mirror.

It was worse than he thought. His hair almost managed to make the
rest of his face look feminine. Or was his face more feminine? It was
then that Max realized that his face had been subtly changing, in
ways too small for him to notice until then. His lips seemed fuller,
his nose smaller, and his green eyes were darker.

His face was changing before his eyes, and they seemed to speed up.
His throat was also changing, thinning out, and the Adam’s
Apple vanishing, slowly. Makeup appeared on his face, although
instead of looking odd, it simply looked normal. His skin looked
flawless, and completely feminine. “Please...” He said,
before stopping himself.

His voice was gone. Now his voice was replaced by a melodic sounding,
high pitched, female voice. Nikki almost squealed in delight over the
changed voice. Max, on the other hand, collapsed, passing out onto
Erik’s bed. “Well that is disappointing. I suppose Max
there can wait. Who wants to go next? I suppose my son can.”
The father stated calmly, motioning for his son to step forward. Erik
did so, fearful of the consequences should he disobey.

“Thank you.” His father said, and Erik felt the same
tingling sensation that Max had right before he began to change. Erik
looked to the mirror, watching for the beginning of the changes, what
he thought would be shrinking, like Max had been. He was right. He
watched as three inches or so dropped, leaving him at about five
seven. However, as he watched for his hair to grow, he felt his feet

He looked down, just in time to see his feet be replaced by smaller,
thinner, female feet. His toenails were painted black, just as black
shoes covered his feet. He regained the three inches as heels propped
him up. After that, he watched his legs lose muscle, and a lot of fat
he had accumulated there. His hair receded competely, as his
sweatpants altered into denim, tightening into black skinny jeans.
Erik knew his legs would never have fit that figure before, and was
positively terrified as to what would happen next, given what was
next in line, based on bottom to top logic.

“Dad, No! I am your son, don’t do this to me!” Erik
pleaded, and His father simply rolled his eyes. Erik really hoped
this was some demented joke of some sort, and would end before
anything serious happened. That idea seemed accurate, as he wasn’t
changing at the moment.

“Fine, step back. You there, Cody is it? Step up, your turn.
Erik, we will come back to you, after fainting boy here wakes up. Now
Cody, what to do with you...” He said, smiling. This would be
the most drastic, as the last member of the Victorious crew was
rather small, and Cody was almost abnormally large. “Aha...”
Erik’s father said, as he motioned with his hand.

Cody felt the goosebump-causing tingle like the others had, right
before the room began to shrink. Drastically. Where he had once stood
inches over the top of Erik’s father’s head, he now
stared at his chest. Cody felt like a child, being so short. He had
lost over a foot, bringing his height to about five one.

His clothing hang loosely off of him, and he appeared to stand in
huge shoes meant for someone twice his size. His shoulders shoved
themselves inward, and his muscle around his body seemed to vanish.
His frame was now a vestige of it’s former glory, and terror
showed on his face.

“Well now, those clothes don’t do much for you.”
His father said, watching Cody struggle to hold his shorts up, even
though they were practically pants on his new body. His shirt hung to
his knees, and his underwear was falling off, but being barely held
by his hands.

Suddenly, his shirt began to shrink. The red on it lightened first to
pink, then to pure white. A black design Cody couldn’t
recognize appeared on the front, as something black encircled his
waist, tightening his figure into an hourglass shape.

Just then, Max began to stir. “Ok, It seems you have earned a
break there Cody. Max, use that weak mind of yours, and stand up.”
Erik’s father said, looking down as Max struggled to stand. “Oh
my God... If you were any slower, someone might think I was turning
you into a slug.” Max stopped, resting on his hands and knees,
shock written on his face, although with the long hair, it was hard
to see.

Erik’s father rolled his eyes, and snapped his fingers. A
sharp, feminine gasp escaped Max’s lips, as breasts began to
develop, ending at an A-cup. His shoulders fell together, as his
shirt began to change. The green on his shirt darkened a bit, and
changed to red, as the bottom fell, extending into a dress. A blue
plaid vest appeared over the red dress.

“C-Can I take a break?” Max asked in the voice of Tori
from Victorious. Erik’s father nodded, motioning for Erik to
stop forward, which he did, a bit awkwardly on his heels, and with
his hands covering his crotch, as if that would protect it.

“Please stop now... I promise to play with Nikki more.”
Erik pleaded, hoping this would end. He had earned a delay, but that
was over, and he was scared.

“You had a chance. You didn’t take it. Now you have to
learn to deal like with the consequences.” Erik’s father
said. He was going to add ‘like a man.’ onto the end of
that phrase, but it would seem like it was mocking Erik.

He waved a hand, and Erik felt his jeans tighten as his ass expanded
slightly, then loosen in the front as his penis shrank into his body.
He felt the front of the black jeans, feeling nothing but smoothness
beneath. His boxers converted to panties, snuggling up next to his
new vagina.

“No...” Erik said, as he still felt with his hand, hoping
for it to reappear, and this to all be some joke gone far too far. No
such luck. He watched his yellow shirt darken to black, and he
watched as the fat around his stomach vanished into a thin, almost
hourglass shape. His whole torso shrunk, and his nipples began to
feel funny against the shirt he wore.

The shirt changed from the yellow sweatshirt to a black t-shirt, with
odd lines cut above a small hold, which displayed Erik’s
growing breasts. Erik watched as the breasts finished developing, and
he stood, shock across his face. “Ok son, or rather, daughter,
take a break. The little one gets to have a turn again.” Erik’s
father said, motioning for Cody to step up.

Cody didn’t. Cody tried to run past Erik’s dad, darting
past on bare feet, giving up completely on pants. They fell, but
stayed up, likely in an attempt by Erik’s father to preserve
his younger daughter’s innocence. Before they did anything
more, shoes appeared on his feet. Bright red heels showed up, causing
Cody to lose his balance.

Time seemed to slow, for everyone involved, as Cody fell. It was
apparent that Erik’s father was the cause, as Cody fell. “You
should not have done that. You are going to be the first example of
what the finished product will be then.” He said, cold anger in
his voice.

As Cody fell, breasts rapidly expanded. His waist curved inward as
his hips expanded. His penis rapidly shifted, all while Cody fell, a
horrified expression on his frozen face. His shorts split, then fused
into a skirt, red roses appearing on the black skirt. His underwear
shifted underneath him, as his arms lost all definition. His hands
became tiny, with pink colored fingernails, a color his toenails
copied moments later.

Cody landed, all but his head changed now. His neck changed, thinning
out, and his voice changing. “Please no...” He said,
crawling away while his face reshaped. Makeup appeared on the
smaller, feminine face. He reached the top of the stairs just as
bright red hair grew in a moment, reaching down to his newly acquired

“Now, the question here is if I have to alter your mind into
that of the character, Cat Valentine, or if you will get up, and
obey.” Erik’s father said, his tone angry, and
controlled. Cody obviously understood this, as he stood up, and,
leaning against the railing, walked into the room and sat down. He
made not a noise.

“Well then, since we are finishing up here, I suppose it is
your turn Max.” Erik’s father said, getting impatient. He
didn’t wait for him to stand, like he had before. Instead he
just waved a hand, and watched as Max’s already rather thin
arms lost the definition they barely had before. His hands became
tinier, and his skin became flawless and smooth. Then, his pants
began to roll upwards, leaving smooth, hairless, female legs in their
wake. The pant legs disappeared under the dress, followed moments
later by a feminine gasp as Max lost the last thing that confirmed
him as male. His feet shrunk next, followed by black heels appearing
on them.

“There, now that we have two out of three of Nikki’s
playmates finished, I guess you are last Erik.” The father
said, a smile on his face. “After that, I have one last
surprise for you Nikki.” Nikki smiled at this, and Erik
frowned, as he stepped forward.

Erik’s arms lost the definition of many failed attempts at
weight training, and far too many cheeseburgers, along with any
semblance of hair that would be on them. His hands became petite,
with black nail polish appearing on the ends. A black bracelet
appeared, as a pair of necklaces appeared, dangling over the female
torso. His neck followed suit, his voice replaced by Jade’s
from Victorious.

His head was last, and he looked quite ridiculous, with the male head
on the female body. His face reshaped, becoming rounded, and more
female. Make up appeared, and his hair darkened from blond to light
brown, with streaks of blond, blue, and red appearing in the hair.
Erik’s father admired his work on the trio of teenage girls
standing in front of him.

His form then shifted into the form of one of the males from the
show, a boy named Beck Oliver, Jade’s boyfriend. Nikki almost
screamed in delight at the four people in the bodies of characters
from her favorite television show. Nikki led them all to her room,
and Erik’s father pulled Erik, or rather, Jade, aside, to say

“You know, we aren’t technically related in these forms,
and in the show, they are a couple.” He said, a malicious grin
on his face. Jade’s face contorted with fear and rage, at the
horrible situation before her. Should she resist, and risk his wrath,
or not, and give in to the unspeakable?

The decision was made for her, as Jade’s body reacted for her.
She felt fluttery inside, nervous, and aroused. But he’s my
father! That is so gross...
He thought, fear taking hold.

But he is so cute! His thoughts changed, as he leaned in for a

I wrote this on a whim. It is likely pretty bad, as I don't feel 100%, but whatever, I wrote it, so here it is.
kyoshira71 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014
For not being 100% i thought you did a good job. I especially liked the time you took to describe the changes.
sunblaze32 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2012
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